Out-of-body tv watching

late one night…

This obe happened to me many years ago. One night I was lying on my couch watching tv. I had a small tv on a roll-around stand and I had rolled it to the foot of the couch so I could watch tv comfortably while taking it easy on the couch. It was late at night and I was watching the last tv programs that the tv stations offered before they left the airwaves.

I fell asleep at some point while watching the tv. I was very tired and fell asleep hard. I don’t know how long I slept before I awakened. I immediately noticed that something was amiss. I was no longer on my couch. I found myself standing in my kitchen area just in front of one of the counters and some cabinets just to the right of my sink. I realized that I was obe and began to try to think of something to do. I had never passed my astral body thru a wall or any other solid objects at that time and that is what I decided to do. I stretched my astral arms out in front of me and attempted to push them thru the top of the kitchen counter that I was standing in front of. It was my plan to see what it felt like to put my arms thru the counter and then to pass thru the wall and go outside and see what it looked like out there in the dark on a cold winter night. I didn’t get very far. My attempt to push my astral arms thru the counter failed and instead I seemed to push my astral body away from the counter. I floated up into a horizontal position with my feet toward the sink and outside wall and I was looking toward the ceiling of the room. I slowly rotated along my body’s long axis until I found myself facing the floor instead of the ceiling. Still horizontal, I then began to move forward thru the room. I passed over my kitchen table and observed the package of dried dates that I had left there previously in the evening. I continued onward thru the kitchen and I could see into the living room which was just ahead and to the left, the kitchen and living room being joined together and only a wide doorway separating the 2 rooms.

All the time this was happening things were happening very slowly and I was fully aware of what was going on, but I couldn’t seem to get in control of the experience, like I was on automatic pilot. I made the left turn into the living room, still horizontal and face down and suspended about midway between the floor and the ceiling. As my astral body moved forward into the living room, I could see the tv and the couch on the right side of the room. I didn’t seem to pay any particular attention to my physical body sleeping on the couch. What caught my attention was the tv up ahead. I was approaching it and I made a stop over it. What I was particularly noticing was that I could see energy emanating from the tv cabinet. The electrical energy inside the set seemed to form a blue glow around it and I was fascinated by this. I also noticed that there was not a picture on the screen, only the snow that appears when a tv channel leaves the air, but the snow seemed to have depth to it, like it was 3 dimensional, and there was a blue glow emanating from it as well. I found it fascinating and amazing to look at. I had never before noticed glowing energy like that while obe.

After observing the amazing sight of the glowing tv for a short time, my astral body made a 180 degree turn in midair so that the positions of my feet and head changed places. This put me in the position of viewing my tv from an inverted perspective, as I was then looking down and backwards toward the tv. I didn’t stay in that position long before my astral body rotated along its long axis and I was facing the ceiling again. I then began to move over the couch where my physical body was sleeping and I knew that I was headed for a re-entry. When I was directly over my physical body, I floated downward and settled into it.

What happened next was terrifying. I could not get re-integrated into my physical body. I was awake but I could not move anything. I had no feeling in my arms and legs. I could not breathe. My whole body was completely paralyzed. I began a titanic struggle to just move an arm or a leg, to breathe, to get myself back alive. I felt like I was dying. After struggling mightily for a short time I finally found an arm and managed to move it. That brought feeling back into my whole body and I sat up gasping and taking great gulps of air. I thought I would mention these facts so that you potential obe explorers will know that these things sometimes happen. Body paralysis can be very frightening and is fairly common to people who do this, but doesn’t happen every time. It hasn’t happened to me in years.

After I finally got myself awake, I saw that the tv was still on and in fact it did have only snow on the screen. The tv station had gone off the air while I was asleep. This was an important fact in confirming for me that my obe was indeed real and not imaginary or a dream. Ever since then I have never doubted the reality of my obes, although I have some experiences that seem to lie between a dream, lucid dream, and obe, and are hard for me to classify.

Terry Coats

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