God in a globe

One night while sleeping…..

I had this obe not long before I started keeping my journal. I was dreaming, then I became lucid in my dream, then it turned into a full-blown obe.

As I became aware that I was out-of-body, I found myself floating in a hallway. The hallway seemed to be on the second story of a house. Whose house it was, I do not know. I was looking down the hallway to where it ended at a doorway. I seemed to know that beyond the doorway there was a hallway to the left, another hallway to the right, and I could see that there was a hallway that extended straight ahead past the doorway. I believe that there were closed doors on the hallway I was in, but I am not clear on this.

As I was floating in the hallway, suspended halfway between the floor and ceiling, I began to become concerned. I seemed to know that there were people or beings just past the doorway and down the hall that went to the left. I was afraid that I was going to have to meet them and interact with them and I didn’t feel ready for it. As I was thinking those thoughts, I noticed a globe of some kind coming down the hallway that extended straight ahead past the open doorway. It was coming in my direction. It was up high, near the ceiling, as it traveled along.

The globe came in thru the open doorway and stopped just inside the doorway and then just hung there, suspended near the ceiling. I rose up in my out-of-body self to just below the ceiling and then I floated down the hallway until I came face to face with the globe. I wasn’t controlling what was happening, it was just happening.

The globe was about the size of a man’s head. It was an ordinary looking globe, frosted white glass, spherical in shape, and I noted with amusement that it looked like a ceiling fixture. I was in awe of the thing, however, as I seemed to know that this was no ordinary globe.

The globe had a light in it, shining from its center. As I floated there in front of the globe the realization came to me that this was a representative of God. It was a small piece of God, a symbol of the Creator, sent to me in that form. Why in the form of an ordinary globe, I don’t know. As I contemplated what I was seeing, my awe turned to anger. I had in previous weeks and months been applying positive thinking and daily affirmations in an attempt to improve my life, but without any noticable results. It was my chance to speak up. “Help me!” I shouted mentally to the symbol of God, and I projected it with the thought of “What are you waiting for ?!”. The globe just hung there. No thoughts were sent back. No feeling of love or peace. Just nothing. Then the light inside began to fade until it went out completely. As I was floating there looking at the darkened globe trying to figure out what had just happened, I found myself back in my physical body and I woke up.

As I lay in my bed contemplating my experience, I was a little bit crushed that God had so little to say to me. My one chance to talk to God and I seemed to have blown it. After I thought about it some more, though, I decided that it wasn’t all that bad. At least I had been heard.

Terry Coats

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