Flickering orange glow

one night at dale’s…

A few years back I spent a couple of years in Oregon. I didn’t do much while I was there and I was mainly a homeless person. During my first year there I made friends with a Native American named Dale. Dale lived in the woods and he let me camp on his land. The only thing he required of me was companionship.

Dale liked to drink whiskey. A lot of it. Sometimes he would invite me into his house, pour me a little of his whiskey into a glass of water, and then we would sit and talk. Well, he would talk, I would mainly listen.

Late one night, after we had been sipping whiskey and water and I had been listening to him talk for several hours, he invited me to sleep in his house. It was cold outside, he said, and I might as well sleep inside. He had an old mattress on the floor in the middle of his living room and he said I could sleep there. He went and got me an old army blanket and then he went off to his own room to go to sleep. I was grateful to be sleeping inside as it was winter and very cold outside. I took the old army blanket and stretched out on the mattress and got comfortable. There was a woodstove and it made the room toasty warm. I was glad to get some rest on a soft mattress and I was ready to relax for a while as I was a little bit stressed out from listening to Dale’s long rambling monologues. If you have ever sat for hours with a person who has been drinking whiskey you may know what I am talking about.

I wasn’t on the mattress long before I fell asleep. I don’t know how long I was asleep before I woke up and found myself in a strange state. I was seeing a strange looking, flickering orange glow directly overhead. I realized I was out-of-body. I found myself suspended directly over my physical body sleeping on the mattress and just a few inches above it. The strange orange glow was being projected on the ceiling, I realized. In my out-of-body state it had a very ethereal look to it. I puzzled over the weird orange glow for a short time and then I found myself back in my physical body. I woke up and opened my eyes. I could still see the flickering orange glow on the ceiling. I looked around behind me and discovered the source of the orange glow. The woodstove in the room had a glass window in it, and the orange glow was coming from the low fire burning inside.

After ascertaining the mundane source of the weird glow, I relaxed again, glad that the glow was not some strange manifestation that I should be afraid of. I closed my eyes and quickly went back to sleep, believing that my obe activities for the night were over. I was wrong. I was not asleep long before I awakened again and discovered that once again I was out-of-body. I found myself floating near the ceiling, right where the wall and ceiling came together. My astral nose was practically stuck right up against the angle that the wall and ceiling formed. I didn’t do much while floating there except to notice that the orange glow was still present, although not as bright as before, the fire seeming to have died down somewhat. Nothing more happened and I found myself back in my body and finished out the rest of the night in normal sleep.

Terry Coats

2 thoughts on “Flickering orange glow

  1. Yes. As far as I am concerned, the real US is a separate spirit or consciousness. Separate from our physical bodies, that is.
    I am not a guru. I have just had some out-of-body experiences. I know they are real, as real as grass and trees. I had read
    about them and wanted to experience it for myself to see it was true. Yes, it is true. I don’t have all the answers. What happens
    when we are out-of-body seems to be determined by our thoughts. Be careful if you desire this. Once started, I was unable to
    turn them off, popping out of my body whether I wanted to or not. I haven’t had any lately but I’ve had enough experience to
    satisfy my curiosity.


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