Electric fan trip

One night before sleep…..

I had this happen to me in my early years of having out-of-body experiences. I think it was during the first year when they began but it has now been so long ago that the exact year escapes me.

One night I was lying in my bed and just waiting for sleep to come. It was summer and I had a medium size box fan sitting on the floor not far from me to keep me cool as I slept. As I lay in my bed I noticed that the fan blades and motor were making an interesting low-pitched humming sound. Just for something to do I decided to make OM sounds along with the humming of the fan. Nowadays I am more conservative but back during those days I was willing to experiment with anything.

I began to make the sound of OM and lowered the pitch until it matched the pitch of the humming of the fan. I discovered that by raising or lowering the pitch of my OM’s to slightly above or below the pitch of the humming fan I could induce in my body a “beat” note whose vibration was equal to the difference in pitch between my OM’s and the humming fan. I experimented with this new-found effect for several minutes.

I was experimenting with the “beat” note effects when all of a sudden I found a vibration that set my body vibrating like it had been hit by an electric current. I seemed to merge and become one with the electric-feeling vibration. I WAS the vibration and it was me. I immediately shot out of my body and felt like I traveled a million miles into space in a fraction of a second. The effect was so sudden that I was startled out of my wits and was fairly well frightened. I really didn’t know where I was but I knew for sure that I was far from my bedroom. I could not see anything at the time but I felt like I had traveled quite some distance. Whether the place I was in was near physical reality or was in some far plane or focus of existence I cannot say. I was so startled by the suddeness and unexpectedness of the experience that I did not stay out long enough to be able to do any exploring and I rather quickly found myself back in my body.

I find it interesting that “beat” note of my OM’s and the electric fan have a similarity to the beat notes used in the binaural technology of the Hemi-sync sounds which I occasionally listen to and I suspect that there is a connection between what I experienced with the fan and what people experience with Hemi-sync. I knew nothing about Hemi-sync technology at the time I had my fan experience, having only discovered Hemi-sync in the past couple of years.

Terry Coats

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