Television scrying

seeing your mind’s eye in a tv

You can see faint pictures on a television screen tuned to an empty channel, pictures formed there by your mind. I discovered this effect many years ago quite by accident. I am sure I am not the first one to discover this but I have never seen it written about anywhere so I write about it here.

When I was 14 years old, and out of school on summer vacation, my mother and I took a trip to the small town where my grandmother lived. My grandmother had just bought another house and was in the process of moving out of her old house. While she was moving into her new house, she needed someone to stay in her old house overnight so no one would steal anything and she asked me if I would do it. I agreed and when evening rolled around my mother and grandmother left to stay in the new house, leaving me to my house-sitting duties in the old house.

I settled in for a night of tv watching as there was really nothing else to do to keep from getting bored. I decided to make a pot of coffee as I was feeling very adult from being left alone and the thought of drinking coffee added to the adult feeling. As the night wore on I watched television and drank cups of coffee.

At the age of 14 I was not used to drinking so much coffee. I believe I drank the whole pot. When midnight came and the television stations went off the air, I was not feeling sleepy at all.

In those days, the local tv channels went off the air early and didn’t run 24 hours a day as most of them do today. I knew though that distant stations in big cities did stay on the air at later hours so I decided to try to find some. I began changing channels on the tv, trying to find any distant station which might be coming in a little bit. I went thru the channels many times before I finally thought I saw something. I thought I saw the faint outline of a newscaster so I left the tv on that channel and went back to my chair and sat down to see if signal conditions would improve any and let the channel come in more clear.

I continued to watch the tv channel for quite some time, waiting to see if the picture would improve. I could see activity and figures moving around, but the images were so faint I couldn’t make sense out of what I was seeing. I seemed to see dancers dancing about. People would waltz into the scene only to waltz right out again. Faint images of people would move from the left side of the screen and stop in the middle of the screen and turn to look at me. At one point a bearded man dressed in biblical-looking robes walked to the center of the screen and then stopped and turned and pointed a finger at me in an accusing way. It was about that time that I realized something bizarre was going on. There was not a picture on the screen at all, at least not one being put there by a television station. The scenes I was seeing were being put there by my own mind.

The images my mind was producing were not clear, of course, like a strong television picture, but were rather faint. I suspect that the images are formed by our mind’s built-in need to see patterns and structure in the things we see. The images are not actually being formed on the screen, rather they are being formed inside our own minds by making patterns out of the random dots of static “snow” on the screen. Still, the images can be quite dramatic and even sometimes frightening, a reflection of what is going on deep in our subconscious.

Nothing special needs to be done to view these images. All that is required is a television set tuned to an empty channel which has nothing but static on the screen. It does take a bit of relaxed concentration and it helps if you clear your mind of extraneous thoughts. A bit of pretending helps also. Just pretend that there is a weak signal tv station and that if you stare long and hard enough you will be able to see the picture. This is, after all, what I was doing when I discovered the effect. I strongly suspect that what is at work in this effect is the same effect that seers and fortune tellers use when they look into a crystal ball, or container of water, but it is just manifesting in a different medium.

Oh, by the way, don’t let anybody see you doing this unless you want them to think you are nuts. Psychic explorations are best done behind closed doors.

Terry Coats

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    i know a trick to make it more work if you intrest e mailmeback

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