Saucer war

One night while dreaming…

I had this dream many years ago. In my dream, I was standing on a sidewalk in front of a house. I lived in the house along with several friends, although none of them were familiar to me in real life. The house and sidewalk were on a street in a city that seemed similar to the city I was born and grew up in. The street and houses on it were near what seemed to be a downtown business area, with businesses and shops of various kinds just across the street and on the streets in the surrounding area.

As I was standing in front of the house, I could hear strange whistles and high-pitched tones sounding. The sounds were coming from the surrounding business district, but I could not see what was producing them, as the buildings in the area hid their source. I knew what was happening, though. In the dream I seemed to know that aliens were having a war, and they were fighting right in my town. The strange whistles I was hearing were the sounds of beam weapons being fired. I began to get alarmed, wondering what was going to happen if the fighting came to where I was.

As I was standing there wondering what I was going to do, I happened to look up into the sky overhead. What I saw was a diamond shaped formation of white-colored flying saucers. There were several of them, at least a dozen or more. They were flying directly south. Attached to each white flying saucer was a black flying saucer, and I seemed to know that the black saucers had been captured by the white ones and were being towed to some destination.

All of a sudden, in the blink of an eye, as if on cue, the black saucers broke away from their white captors and shot off to the south. The white saucers shot thin red beams at the retreating black saucers, but the black ones disappeared over the horizon faster than a bullet, and the red beams had no effect.

As I was having this dream, I just seemed to know that what was going on was that 2 alien races were having a war on Earth. They were not fighting over the Earth, it just happened to be the place where they were having a battle. This dream is at least 25 years old, and I have never forgotten it, even though I have never written it down until now. It was so real and vivid that I woke up from it believing that I had been given some kind of revelation, but since no saucer wars have occurred yet, I still don’t know what the meaning was.

Terry Coats

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