Bill’s Roswell tale

a tale of flying saucers

This is a story relating to the famous Roswell flying saucer crash. This story came to me many years ago during the course of a normal conversation. In order to give some protection to the indentity of the man who told it to me, we’ll call him “Bill” .

One day at work I was sitting in my little shack where my control panels were for the machinery I operated when Bill came in and sat down. Bill had a job which involved roaming the plant where we worked and he would occasionally stop by to chat for a while before moving on.

Bill and I chatted for a while and eventually the subject got around to religion. Bill was a man of faith and a regular church-goer. He asked me if I ever prayed. I told him I didn’t, and at that time many years ago I didn’t put much stock in it and I told him so. He told me he prayed frequently, and that it really helped. I told him that I believed the universe was full of intelligent beings and I pointed out to him that the Earth was an insignificant speck. I asked him how his religion would take into account these other beings. He didn’t say much about that but that was when he began to relate his story to me.

Bill had been in the U.S. Air Force. I knew that about him but he had not talked much about it before then. He had had a job working in the underground complex beneath Cheyenne Mountain near Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was then called the North American Air Defense Command, or NORAD for short, but I don’t know if it still goes by that name.

Bill told about how one of the duties of his job was to set up and run films for high-ranking officers. He told how one day he set up a film for some admirals and generals and began to run it for them. The film had been shot from the gun camera of a jet fighter and it showed the fighter in pursuit of a ufo. Bill said one of the generals turned to him and said “I think you’d better leave the room, airman”.

Bill then began to tell about the officer he worked for at Cheyenne Mountain. He said they had gotten to be fairly close, kind of like a father and son relationship, but still maintained a proper airman to officer distance. He said the officer had taken him into his confidence one day and told him of some things that had happened early on in his career.

The officer told Bill about how when he was a young officer just starting out in his career, he had been sent to a place where some strange vehicles had crashed in the desert. He told Bill that he had seen metal as thin as the cellophane wrapper on a pack of cigarettes but it could not be bent with a sledgehammer. He told about seeing girders or beams with strange writing on them. What is even more astonishing, he told Bill that he had seen bodies, strange bodies of beings who obviously were not from Earth. He ended his tale to Bill by saying that he and all the others involved had been sworn to secrecy, and that he had already told Bill too much. Bill said he then told him “But, I can tell you this much Bill, we are not alone in the universe”.

Terry Coats

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