My cat Sky 2

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pretty sky

Sky raising her leg

Sky grooming

Sky getting ready to groom

Sky grooming

Sky grooming

Sky on couch

Sky relaxing on couch

Skt portrait

Sky posing for portrait

Sky profile on couch

Profile of Sky on the couch

Sky on her side

Sky on the carpet

Sky on the floor

Sky on the floor

4 thoughts on “My cat Sky 2

  1. @Lisa
    Thanks! She was a shelter adoption. About 2 years old. She’s a good cat and getting better. Getting fatter, too, since I’m feeding her better. She was kinda skinny when I got her. Thanks for commenting 🙂

    Terry Coats

  2. @BentLeftWing
    Hi, BentLeftWing. Thanks for visiting. Yes, she’s a pretty good cat. I’m glad I got her.
    She’s jealous of Mairead, my computer, though, and always walks back and forth in
    front of me when I’m sitting at the computer. Yes, my computers have names too.
    I have two computers, one I named Mairead and the other I named Chloe. I named
    them after a couple of young women I admire in the musical group Celtic Woman.
    I guess Sky wants to have all the attention but she’s annoyingly needy at times.

    Terry Coats

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