green eyed hannah

Well I saw a pretty young lady while looking around
She’s got the most beautiful big green eyes I’ve ever found
Her name is Hannah
Those big green eyes make my heart pound
Well they’ve stolen my heart and soul
I crawl before her on the ground

Well I worship you Hanny you’re as pretty as can be
I’ve been waitin’ a long time for a girl like you to be with me
Green-eyed Hannah
Won’t you mess around with me?
Your big green eyes caught this man
I can’t help lovin’ you can’t you see?

Hannah and her big green eyes
Pullin’ in all of the guys
She can’t help it if she’s beautiful
Someday she’s gonna be my prize

Well come on Hanny won’t you come home with me?
I’ll be good to you and treat you right you’ll always be free
Green-eyed Hannah
Come and be my woman is my plea
My love is as big as this world
I’m beggin’ on bended knee

Well fallin’ in love can sometimes be an awful thing
If that woman don’t love you back the blues your gonna sing
Green-eyed Hannah
Let me take you under my wing
I may be the best man you’ll ever have
Feel the love I’m gonna bring

Terry Coats

Green-eyed Hannah on youtube

One thought on “green eyed hannah

  1. This is a beautiful love story by a young man that has never been married. He is a kind man, with a love of animals as well as people.

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