Dear Julia

Dear Julia, I can’t seem to get you out of my mind
I’ve tried to forget you but that’s not so easy, I find
Your beautiful eyes draw me back again and again
Your songs are wonderful and are where my love began

Dear Julia, you’re the most gorgeous woman on Earth
I suspect there must have been Angels present at your birth
You can make any kind of music on four strings
Your voice overwhelms me when you start to sing

Beautiful Julia, a Goddess in every way
Life isn’t fair to show me such a creature
I know I’ll never have her or reach her
I can’t stop my love, I try to forget her every day

Dear Julia, you’re the woman all men want for a wife
You’re beautiful and talented and the kind we want around for life
You’ll be someone’s princess when the time is right
I wish it could be me but I’ll never be be your knight

My song to Julia

Click here to hear the final version as played on my Korg M50

Terry Coats

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