New cat Maggie

My previous cat Sky passed away in August 2016 due to a tumor in her abdomen.
She was a good, loving cat and I miss her very much and always will.
I got a new cat named Maggie about 6 months ago. She was a wreck when I got her.
Wild-eyed, filled with anxiety and lots of issues. I’m the 5th household
to have her so I guess the previous owners had no patience. It’s just me
and her now though so there are no other cats or dogs(or people) to torment
her which is I think was the cause of her issues. Mine is her forever home
and I’ve plenty of patience. She’s doing much better now than when I 1st got
her but still has a way to go toward being a perfectly calm and settled
housecat, if that even happens. It’s ok though. She’s here to stay.

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