U.S. Republicans

Republicans have no honor.
They serve only people at the top rung of the ladder.
They hate working people.
They cheat on voting if they can get away with it.
They have no concern at all for people who are not rich.
They don’t believe in science but instead think that their dogma will show the way.
They want to set back 60 years of social progress.
They say they don’t believe in big government but they would run your life and make you conform to Republican doctrine if they could.
They are warmongers who like to see U.S. military fighting somewhere in the world all the time.
They seem to hate black people and other minorities.
They want to help corporations get all the money while they pay poverty wages to employees.
They hate women.
They depend on the ignorance of people to get themselves elected.
They lie and spin so much that you can’t tell when they are telling the truth.
They are mean.
I’m sure I’m forgetting a lot other bad things about them.

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