Can’t transfer Garmin topo map to another micro sd card

I’ve just spent several hours trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. I was trying to transfer my new Garmin topo map for U.S. Northwest to a bigger micro sd card. I’ve got 8 gigabyte cards and 16 gigabyte cards. I copied the map files to the larger micro sd cards but couldn’t get my Garmin Nuvi 50lm to open the map. It will only open the map if it’s still on it’s original 2 gig micro sd card. To make a long story short, this Garmin map is keyed to the micro sd card it comes on. It will only work there. You cannot copy it so you’re stuck with it on the 2 gig micro sd. I was trying to put the map on a higher capacity card so I could have room for several maps. No joy. If you have additional maps you want to use and they won’t fit in main memory of the Garmin, you’ll have to pull out your Garmin map on micro sd card and insert another card with your other maps. Actually, you CAN copy the topo map files to another micro sd card but they will not be usable.

I hate this. Garmin should either put in more builtin memory or have a legitimate way for us to copy our bought maps to a bigger micro sd card. I hate corporations telling me how it’s gonna be and treating customers like they’re all potential criminals.

My Garmin Nuvi 50lm works great. I like it. It’s just that I’m not happy I bought something which the manufacturer keeps customers from using the way they want to use it.



One thought on “Can’t transfer Garmin topo map to another micro sd card

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