fatcow error log

I’ve had a few hits on my blog lately from people searching for
“fatcow error log” so in order for them not to go away empty-handed
I’m going to tell you where the error log is.

Go to the fatcow.com homepage. Click on the Control Panel link
at the top right of the page to log in. After you’ve logged in, scroll
down the page until you see “Scripting and Add-ons”. Underneath that,
click on the “CGI and Scripted Language Support” link. After you do
that you should have another page of links. One of them is “Check Error Logs”.
Click on the link and you should have a view of the error log, or
nothing if you have had no errors. You may have to click the
“refresh your error log” link. And there you go. 🙂

If you connect to your account with an ftp program, you will also find
the cgi error log in your “stats” folder.


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