Trump and Koi

That sudden feeling of horror when you realize that Donald
Trump should be being taken care of in a nursing home rather
than being U.S. president. I just had that feeling after
seeing a picture of Trump dumping a whole box of fishfood
into a pond of Koi.

New cat Maggie

My previous cat Sky passed away in August 2016 due to a tumor in her abdomen.
She was a good, loving cat and I miss her very much and always will.
I got a new cat named Maggie about 6 months ago. She was a wreck when I got her.
Wild-eyed, filled with anxiety and lots of issues. I’m the 5th household
to have her so I guess the previous owners had no patience. It’s just me
and her now though so there are no other cats or dogs(or people) to torment
her which is I think was the cause of her issues. Mine is her forever home
and I’ve plenty of patience. She’s doing much better now than when I 1st got
her but still has a way to go toward being a perfectly calm and settled
housecat, if that even happens. It’s ok though. She’s here to stay.

U.S. Republicans

Republicans have no honor.
They serve only people at the top rung of the ladder.
They hate working people.
They cheat on voting if they can get away with it.
They have no concern at all for people who are not rich.
They don’t believe in science but instead think that their dogma will show the way.
They want to set back 60 years of social progress.
They say they don’t believe in big government but they would run your life and make you conform to Republican doctrine if they could.
They are warmongers who like to see U.S. military fighting somewhere in the world all the time.
They seem to hate black people and other minorities.
They want to help corporations get all the money while they pay poverty wages to employees.
They hate women.
They depend on the ignorance of people to get themselves elected.
They lie and spin so much that you can’t tell when they are telling the truth.
They are mean.
I’m sure I’m forgetting a lot other bad things about them.

U.S. constitutional rights must be observed at all times

U.S. Republicans want the surviving Boston Marathon bomber to be tried as an enemy combatant. He is a U.S. citizen. If he doesn’t have constitutional rights then none of us have any. You can’t pick and choose whom the constitution will be applied to. Gops would quickly throw the constitution away depending on their arbitrary reasoning. U.S. Republicans should be removed from power wherever they have it.


Senators who voted no on background checks bill 4-17-13

Fired some of my reloaded cartridges today

I went to the rifle range this afternoon and took 50 of my 100 reloaded 45 colt cartridges with me. I was kind of scared at first, these being my first reloaded bullets. Nothing happened, though. All 50 cartridges fired like they were supposed to. That takes a load off of my mind. Now I know I’ve got a recipe that works. 250 grain Nosler bullet with 7.5 grains of 800x powder. I used new brass. Next I’ll have to learn how to trim them and resize if they need it. I have the measurements in my head. The measurements are also in my books. These were fired in my Rossi M92 45 colt lever action.

The bullets were hitting high and to the left on the target. I need to adjust my front sight but it’s mounted with just a tang and I’d have to bang on it with a rubber mallet to adjust it.


Loaded my first bullets today

I’ve finally got all my reloading gear and books to study so I’d know what I’m doing and decided today to load some cartridges for the first time. I used new brass and Nosler 250 grain 45 colt caliber bullets. The cartridges are for my new Rossi M92 45 colt lever-action rifle.

I used IMR 800x powder as that was what was available amid the shortage going on at the present time. I had read that 800x would not meter good but I loaded 100 bullets with a Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto Charge Powder Dispenser and had only 2 overweight meterings and I found that acceptable. The flaky powder came out of the dispenser just fine.

I threw 7.5 grains of 800x for each cartridge. I hope I’m not sorry I did a whole 100 rounds with this measure of powder but research says it ought to be good and sorta in the middle so maybe they won’t hang in the barrel or alternately blow me up. We’ll see. I’ll post again after I shoot some of these rounds. I’ll go to the range Monday. Sunday(tomorrow) will probably be too crowded.